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  • Gable
  • Trim
  • Roof
  • Ridge Cap
  • Wall
  • Ladder Legs
  • Base Rail
  • Hat Channel
  • Truss
  • Braces
  • Inner Wall
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Bulldog Steel Structures offers all types of metal buildings like carports, garages, RV covers, metal workshops, commercial buildings and custom steel structures with best in the industry workmanship and fastest delivery. Building components are separately designed, engineered and pre-manufactured parts of any metal building. Depending on the engineering drawing these parts further incorporated and forms overall building structure.

Building Components in Metal Carport

A carport is the simplest form of metal building which consist components like base rail, braces, gable, hat channel, ladder legs, roof, ridge cap, truss, trim and wall. All these components are also called as basic building components because regardless to the type of metal building without these components steel structures cannot be erected.

Building Components in Enclosed Garage

Along with all basic components enclosed garage comprises components like door which suspends above the fold, J-trim to cover extra side panels, snow braces to make the steel garage robust enough to handle heavy snow load, walk-in door for easy access and window for ventilation.

Building Components in Metal Horse Barn

Metal barn or also known as horse barn is a type of metal building which contains a center building and two lean-tos. A barn building has components very similar to the garage and carport except frame for extra durability and gable fronts/ends for better looks.

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